KLEMMER John 1967

John KLEMMER 1967

John KLEMMER ts, Melvin JACKSON b, Wilbur CAMPBELL dr, Sam THOMAS g, Jodie CHRISTIAN p,

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patricia_wotherspoon said...

After listening a few times I am mixed on this one . Klemmer has an appealing fluid style on the slower tempoed tracks , but I didn't care for his fast playing . His sound is kind of generic . The guitar player had an odd style , at times reminiscent of Blood Ulmer and Larry Coryell . The drumming was pretty solid . I really did not like how they played "How Deep is the Ocean " . What is the point of playing a ballad in that fashion ? Odd too , because the best track on the album for me was the ballad " You Don't Know What Love is " which I thought was effectively moody . So overall , four tracks I liked and three I did not , hence a mixed opinion . I need to hear more from Klemmer to tilt me one way or the other .