NIEHAUS Lennie 1954 & 56

Lennie NIEHAUS 1954 & 56

Lennie NIEHAUS as, Jack MONTROSE ts, Bob GORDON bs, (1,5,8,11) Bill PERKINS ts, Pepper ADAMS bs,


patricia_wotherspoon said...

I've owned the other octet Niehaus for years and always enjoyed it . This one has been on my buy-list for some time . Hearing it only confirms its place on my list . Such wonderful writing and playing here . The tight , intricate ensembles speak to the high level of musicianship involved by everyone on the date . Lennie spins out those characteristic long lines with terrific breath control and swings so effortlessly . The lead off track , "The Sermon" is one of the weaker arrangements , but the version of "How 'Bout You" that follows it is a killer . "Figure 8" and "Patti-Cake " rank with the best the date has to offer .
This is West Coast jazz with guts .

GIBSON L5 ( RAZ ) said...

hey Daniel !
thanks alot , it was on my wishlist for a few month !!!
and Patricia : you were so accurate ....all the best !!!
come for a visit in my blog as well.

i like this cd alot - 2nd listening now :-)

zorchv38 said...

Excellent...always great to hear these almost forgotten tracks.

Keep up the good work...and thanks again~!