STITT Sonny 1960

Ain't that a great pic ? Sonny STITT & DIZZY.

Sonny STITT 1960

Sonny STITT as & ts, Jack SHELDON & Lee KATZMAN tp, Frank ROSOLINO tb, Al POLLEN tuba, Jimmy ROWLES p, Buddy CLARK B, Lawrence MARABLE dr,


friday817 said...

I have been looking for this one forever, thanks for posting it.


Brew said...

This is indeed great! Also the picture!

Thanks, Brew

ramson_knowling said...

Hey , great get this Lp (not available on cd?) of Sonny Stitt .
By the way , congratulations for good sound of rip , very natural sound and not filtering cliks ; Too many people rip albums and filter clicks and crackle with bad programs or good programs but they don't know use it.Restore music in good form it's very tired and it need spend many hours in order to don't get 'muffled' sound on certain instruments ( saxes , trumpets ,trombones, voices with melisme , etc).
Please , never you try on restore sound.

Greetings !!!