PRICE Vito 1958

Vito PRICE 1958

Vito PRICE ts & as, John HOWELL & Bill HANLEY tp, Pauk CRUMBAGH tb, Barrett O'HARA b tb, Bill CALKINS bs, Lou LEVY p, Max BENNETT b, Remo BIONDI g, Marty CLAUSEN dr,


patricia_wotherspoon said...
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patricia_wotherspoon said...

Well what can I say ? It is hard to criticize an album like this since I love Prez and some of his followers( see Paul Quinichette and Seldon Powell elsewhere in this blog ), but this album leaves me indifferent . If Lester is the language chosen then I expect that followers will at least add their own dialect to it i.e. use Prez as a foundation on which to erect something personal musically . I didn't get that from Price . Price's rendition of " Why Was I Born " really pales next to the version on Seldon Powell's Roost LP for instance . Life is short , and in this particular style of jazz which I do enjoy , there are too many other albums that I would reach for before this one .
Best track for me was the fairly straightforward interpretation of " Time after Time " .
I hope all of my comments don't come off as overly critical . I suppose I could have said simply ," This is pleasant , but inessential " .