Ann Richards was born Margaret Ann Borden in San Diego, CA. She was a better singer than she was often rated but her career fell short of its potential. She was self-taught on piano and started taking singing lessons when she was ten. Richards began singing professionally in the San Francisco Bay area and had a short 4 months stint with Charlie Barnet then with George Redman band in Hollywood. Richards joined Stan Kenton's band for a few months in 1955; they were married and she was a part-time singer throughout their marriage which lasted until 1961. After their marriage ended (a breakup that she never really recovered from), in 1963, Stan Kenton fought for his two children and won in a custody suit with Ann. Since that time Ann has won custody of their daughter, but Stan has custody of his seven year old son, Lance. Richards recorded a few pleasing and swinging albums on her own for Capitol, Atco and Vee Jay; however, Richards' life became aimless, and she committed suicide at age 46.

Ann RICHARDS 1961 Ann Mann / Atco

Jack SHELDON tp, Barney KESSELL g, Red CALLENDER b, Larry BUNKER dr,

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