BELL Madeline

Born Madeline Bell Brodus, July 1942 in Newark, New Jersey, and raised by her grandmother, who was originally instrumental in encouraging Madeline's natural singing talent at the age of five. She sang gospel music in church and at school, approximately eight years later Madeline became aware of pop music, inspired by Sam Cook. Madeline was sixteen when she joined her first gospel group The Glovertones and sang in church halls all over New Jersey and New York. This superb group toured America's Deep South with Madeline's illuminating voice impressing audiences everywhere. Madeline stayed with The Glovertones for two years until her involvement with the Alex Bradford Singers. The Alex Bradford Singers sang all over America and toured Europe as part of the off-Broadway hit show "Black Nativity" written by Langston Hughes. After completion of the "Black Nativity" tour Madeline decided to make her home in England. Norman Newell, who was Shirley Bassey's recording manager was inspired to sign her to Columbia Records. She embarked on a solo recording career making some excellent and outstanding singles and working in cabaret. Madeline proceeded to be signed to Philips Records and made some spectacular singles.

Two Phillips singles
Madeline became very popular on the continent especially in Holland, Spain and Germany. She recorded the beautiful song "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me". Dee Dee Warwick sister of the famous Dionne originally recorded this. The Supremes and the Temptations had the biggest hit but the record buying public need to be alerted to the fact that it was Madeline Bell who had the first impressive USA hit in 1968 reaching an incredible number 26 and staying in the charts for 6 weeks.
Her first UK album in 1967 entitled "Bell's A Poppin" included Madeline's USA hit "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me" which incidentally featured the international singing legend Dusty Springfield providing vocal backing on the song. Another excitingly terrific track from this gem of an album "Picture Me Gone" narrowly missed the charts in 1967 despite constant promotion, however, the song is now recognised as a momentous Northern Soul classic. "I'm Gonna Leave You" is featured on Madeline's album "Bell's A Poppin" 1967 and is also the "B" side to Dusty's everlasting hit "Goin' Back" 1966.

Along with singer and song writer Roger Cook, Madeline became a central part of the invigorating group "Blue Mink" and recorded a memorable song called "Melting Pot" which became a huge British hit in 1969, bringing Madeline's voice centre stage and finally to the noticeable attention of the British public. The band toured the world and Madeline's voice was projected into the international music scene. Madeline continued to release other UK albums with "Blue Mink" which finally parted in May 1974 after a very successful career.

Madeline has worked many times with the BBC's Big Band and was their special guest on 19 August 1999 at the "Royal Albert Hall" London. She has performed at the famous Ronnie Scott's club in London since 1987. Madeline has released numerous CDs of her work in the 90's. In Holland Madeline became famous because of her substantial contribution to the CD productions with Tom Parker. These productions, which are popular arrangements of classical composers like Beethoven, Verdi, and Handel, have attained massive sales. Madeline has worked with the Netherlands Metropole Orchestra which comprises of no less than sixty one musicians and has recorded a CD called "Beat Out That Rhythm On A Drum", which is on the Koch International Label 1998. On June 2003 Madeline was honoured with a "Lifetime Achievement Award", presented by the Music Heritage Foundation for her significant and outstanding contribution to the music industry. Madeline's rendition of Ray's songs is spectacular and audiences responded enthusiastically in respect of Madeline's great voice and personality a live CD entitled Tribute to Ray Charles Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw featuring Madeline is on release. Madeline's voice continues to mature and no doubt she will be involved in many more musical adventures way into 2006 and beyond.


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