BREGMAN Buddy 1956

Buddy BREGMAN 1956

Herb GELLER & Bud SHANK as, Georgie AULD & Bob COOPER & Stan GETZ (on 15) & Ben WEBSTER ts, Jimmy GIUFFRE bs, and a big band. Disco in the file.

This one is to welcome Ivana... and for all the bloggers.


patricia_wotherspoon said...

I wasn't surprised to read that this music was originally composed for a film . I generally don't like albums with more than a dozen tracks ( especially orchestral ones ) , but I liked a lot of the music on this album . The brass section sounded a little Basie-like at times . The tracks with Ben Webster were my favorites .

yvana said...

THIS IS AMAZING!!!Thank you so so much! I love Buddy!!! Cant wait to listen to it!