VAUGHAN Sarah 1973

OUTRAGEOUS !!! INCREDIBLE !!! CAN'T BELIEVE IT !!! I was browsing thru Amazon when I came upon Sarah Vaughan's 1973 Japanese Concert 2 used CD's. USED !!! Be seated, I give you the amazing prices. The world is crazy !!! Remember, USED CD's and only 2 CD's in the box !!! = from 100$ to 150$. = from 220€ to 410€. = from 160£ to 366£. = one at 372€. = from 213CDN$ to 664CDN$. = from 23900¥ (159€) to 42600¥ (284€).
Just to compare, at, the Complete Ella Fitzgerald Song Books (16 cd's) is sold NEW for 203€ !!!
Also to compare, the Complete Sarah Vaughan in Japan 6 lp's set, japanese edition, sealed, was sold 150$ at e-bay in april !!! Vinyl !!!
Well. Anyway, seeing that, I decided to rip, right now, my lp's of this fabulous concert. One of the best Sarah ever gave in that period. She was in top form. She even told the audience: "Just in case you don't know who I am, my name is Carmen McRAE".
Enjoy these wonderful songs... Sarah Vaughan with Carl Schroeder p, Jimmy Cobb dr, John Gianelli b,
The music, particulary the very best one, should be free for everyone !!!

SARAH VAUGHAN LIVE IN JAPAN 1973 (27 songs) Part 1 - Part 2

Excuse some "clicks" on the records. They are more than 30 years old...

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