MONTROSE Jack 1954 Arranger

To be complete with the Jack Montrose memorial, I found this EP in one of my "boxes"... I have many boxes and I'm not always sure of what lies inside. This one was THE good one for today ! You can click on the pics to have them big. I scanned with HR...

Clifford BROWN Ensemble feat. Zoot SIMS 1954

Why Jack MONTROSE ? He was the arranger of this session ! Listen!

Clifford BROWN , Zoot SIMS, Russ FREEMAN, Shelly MANNE, Joe MONDRAGON & Carson SMITH b, Bob GORDON bs, Stu WILLIAMSON vve tb. That's all...

There is some light "clicks" but the sound is very good. 1954 !!!


ramson_knowling said...

In first time , excuse me by my poor english.

Great blog!!! I have downloaded many albums from here..thanks alot.

I love jazz classic ( from New Orleans to 60's) ,and here you share great records not easy available.

By the way , this EP is included on Mosaic Boxset , Clifford Brown : complete Pacific jazz-blue note recordings (1953-54).

I wish register me in your blog. I'm registered on Blogger ,but I don't use my blog by the moment.
Greetings from Spain.

GIBSON L5 ( RAZ ) said...

got to check this out !!!
clifford is my most beloved trp player . montrose was the arranger - even more interesting to listen !!!

GIBSON L5 ( RAZ ) said...

ok o0k ok , i know this recording date !!!
excellent anyway !!!