CARR Georgia 1963

This is the re-post of an album which was deleted by Rapidshare at the beginning of this blog. She's really a voice. I hope you won't miss her. I like this girl.

[Sorry for the B3! All of you will soon know how I hate this machine! It's better when said! Isn't it, JOEL?]

Georgia CARR (1925-1971) has sung in some of the finest nightclubs throughout the world including Le Ruban Bleu and Birdland in New York, Fack's in San Francisco, Mr Kelly's in Chicago, the Dunes and Flamingo in Vegas. At one point in a brillant career it appeared as thought the wondrous voice was to be stilled when a serious laryngitis case caused a prolongated loss of sound and the throat surgery. Georgia took special voice instruction and gradually, without surgery, the voice was restored.

In 1957, she went on the screen to play a Calypso singer in "Will success spoiled Rock Hunter?". Here is the pitch: Jayne Mansfield recreated her starmaking stage role in this film adaptation of George Axelrod's Broadway comedy. Mansfield plays a Monroe-like movie queen whom adman Tony Randall hopes to sign for a product endorsement. Through a fluke, the press believes that Randall is having an affair with Mansfield; she eagerly pounces on the attendant publicity, much to the dismay of her body-builder beau (Mickey Hargitay, then married to Mansfield). At the behest of his ad agency, Randall is forced to propose to Mansfield on a coast-to-coast TV show, which breaks the heart of his true love (Betsy Drake). Both Randall and Mansfield are saved from a marriage neither one wants by the last-minute arrival of Mansfield's hometown boy friend (Groucho Marx). Director Frank Tashlin uses Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter as an excuse to take satirical potshots at everything from TV commercials to the unwieldiness of CinemaScope

In 1964, she was Melody, the bar singer, in the musical "Handle with care". Here is the story: In this all African-American musical comedy, a worker for the Brass Rail nightclub, owned by "Second Rate Kate," gets in trouble when he loses a few hundred dollars in club receipts during a hold-up. To help him get back the missing money, he enlists the aid of a fellow employee. They decide to hit up a recently arrived Texan whom they believe (mistakenly) to be a millionaire. In reality, the Texan is an impoverished jazz musician. One night he gets drunk at the Brass Rail and falls in love with the singer, who despises musicians. Meanwhile the two employees get lucky and find a suspicious drunk carrying a bag--it is of course, filled with the missing loot. Back at the club, the jazz pianist awakens from his drunken stupor long after closing and begins to play the piano in the empty club. Second Rate Kate is so impressed that she offers him a job on the spot. Songs include: "Handle with Care" "Too Little Too Late" and "Sad Dreams and Bitter Teardrops".

I don't know the band but yes, be careful, there is a B3 on some tracks!!!


thomasm said...

This is a fun album. There are some more Georgia Carr songs on a CD that was released this past year called " Mae West and Other Wonderful Girls ". That cd is also full of fun songs--many in the same 1950's " vampy " style.--Tom

moxnix said...

i am enjoying this one as we speak.
but track # 9 (softly) is missing. this tune was also released as a single on the vee jay label at the time. a good singer , i think remembered more as an actor. i hope to listen to more of the recent posts tomorrow, as i am out of town for the next 36 hours. thanks again for all the music. tom

East Bay Gary said...

Hadn't listened to Georgia before. I thought the songs would be slow, was glad they were upbeat.

Luis Torres said...

I have another album (mp3 format) by Georgia Carr. Its name is MODDY MISS. Dose anyone know the year of the recording?


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David Bruce said...

WOW!!! I only have an old cassette of her -- she's very hard to find anything by! Thank you!