The Chuz Alfred Quintet began traveling the U.S. and Canada in June 1954.
In March 1955, the President of Savoy Records contacted the group. The quintet recorded a rhythm and blues single at King Studios in Cincinnati; then, in September, went to New York to record another.
On September 27, 1955, the group's album, Jazz Young Blood, was recorded at Rudy Van Gelder's Studio in Hackensack, New Jersey with Ola Hanson, trombone; Chuck Lee, piano; jazz great Vinnie Burke, bass; and the legendary Kenny Clarke, drums.
In 1956, the quintet left New York's Gale Booking Agency and signed with General Artists Corporation (GAC). This led to an exclusive management contract with Ray Bloch and Associates. Amid increasing change and adversity, the quintet was unable to fulfill a recording date with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 1958. It disbanded in September when Chuz accepted an invitation from Ralph Marterie to join his big band in Chicago on October 1 of that year.
Despite the opportunities during the 1950s to join Woody Herman, Carl Perkins, Buddy Morrow, Perez Prado, Ray Eberly, Claude Thornhill and Al Belletto's Sextet, Chuz left the road in June 1959 to finish his bachelor's degree in Radio-TV at Ohio State University.
In 1993, Jazz Young Blood was re-released worldwide on compact disc by Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. Japan (new owner of the Savoy label). Jazz Young Blood (SV-0211) is one of the "Historic Performance" series of albums selected to be digitally re-mastered and re-released with reproductions of the original artwork.
Unaware of the re-release, Chuz was stunned when his brother, Ed, found the CD in Chicago in 1994. He presented it to Chuz on his birthday.
At Columbus' Davis Discovery Center in 1995, Chuz was inducted as an initial member of the Columbus Senior Musicians Hall of Fame.
In mid-1997, Chuz was commissioned by a Fortune 200 company to produce an instrumental CD of ten songs made famous by Frank Sinatra. This was recorded by Joe Viers at the John Schwab Studio in Columbus and later replicated by Disc Makers, Inc., Pennsauken, New Jersey. The sponsoring corporation was so pleased with the spirit and results of the project that Chuz was encouraged to explore reissuing the music to an extended market.
To graphically compliment the music, Chuz obtained licensing rights for renowned artist Paul C. Jackson's Spectral Flight, considered by many as a magnificent watercolor. Paul's mastery of the relentless tension of light, in and of everything, is considered astonishing.
Spectral Flight has graced the Alfred home since June 1995 and now adorns the cover of Here's to ol' blue eyes -- a listening and dancing treat for kids from five to one hundred and five.


Alfred CHUZ ts, Ola HANSON tb, Chuck LEE p, Vinnie BURKE b, Kenny CLARKE dr,


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Look forward to hearing this rare item. Vinnie Burke was a local hero. Played every gig he could around Newark, NJ. Did H. Allan Stein write the liner notes?


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