LAWSON Linda 1959

Born in Ann Harbour [Hello Marty] Michigan, Linda has been a native Californian since the age of three, when the family moved to the citrus center of Fontana. Since then, the beauteous lass has never traveled beyond 300 miles, and the vision of seeing such places as New York, Washington, Paris, Rome, London is a dream she hopes to see come true sometime in the future. Before this recording session, she played many roles in very nationaly-popular TV series as "Sunset Strip", "Maverick", "Border Patrol", "Peter Gunn", Mike Hammer" and more. At the time of this recording, she plays in the TV Serie "Adventures in Paradise", where she portrays Renée, the French owner of Renée's Bar in Tahiti.
Well, now that you know a little about this lovely lady, listen! If you're in a hurry, you can jump directly to "Mood indigo", "Like young" or "Me and my shadow".

Linda LAWSON 1959 Introducing Linda Lawson

Have a look at the band ! For a first recording session !!! Bud SHANK as, Med FLORY bs, Bill PERKINS ts, Al Porcino & Stu WILLIAMSON & Jack SHELDON tp, Frank ROSOLINO tb, Jimmy ROWLES p, Bill PITMAN g, Joe MONDRAGON b, Mel LEWIS dr, we are so much on the West Coast that they also invited the HOLLYWOOD STRING ENSEMBLE to join... they surely could have done without!

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thomasm said...

I first heard Linda sing Up Comes Love on an album called Betty Boop Cabaret---that album is full of upbeat love songs.On this album I particularly love the song Are You With Me . This is a morning I feel like hearing songs with upbeat tempos.-Tom