Serge CHALOFF 1950

Personnel in the file

The previously unreleased material included on this 1994 CD features the great baritonist Serge Chaloff performing on radio broadcasts from Boston. Most intriguing are four concise duets from 1946 (before Chaloff became famous) with pianist Rollins Griffith. Otherwise, Chaloff is heard in 1950 with quartets and quintets which often include pianist Nat Pierce, and sometimes trombonists Sonny Truitt or Milt Gold. The recording quality is decent for the period, and Chaloff (who at one point is briefly interviewed by a disc jockey) is in excellent form on the boppish material. Highlights include "The Goof and I," "Four Brothers," "Body and Soul," two versions of "Pennies From Heaven," and "Keen and Peachy."

More infos on main Chaloff post. To be continued...


friday817 said...

Serge Chaloff is THE baritone man as far as I'm concerned - I just wish there was more Serge out there for us baritone sax fans.


ZorchMan said...

As a Chaloff nut, I had to buy this when it came out. I don't need to download this, but I had to comment anyway...

I used to buy jazz LPs from Carl Henry, the guy who's announcing on the first few tracks of this CD...he had a shop called Carl's Diggins in Providence...I used to go there in the mid 1970s.

From what I've heard from older collectors, he'd be the first dealer with the latest R & B singles. It tickled me to hear his voice again.

If you haven't heard Serge yet...DO SO! I've never heard a ballad played on a bari like that...he could make that big ol' horn w-h-i-s-p-e-r when he wanted to.