GIUFFRE Jimmy 1947-1953 Part 3

The three sessions included in this last part offer a perfect example of the soul-searching that has characterized all his creative activities. In each one of these sessions there appears different kind of experimentation, some headed up by Jimmy himself and others by jazz musicians equally imbued with the same innovative spirit like John Graas, Teddy Charles and Shorty Rogers.
The first session, led by John Graas, is made up of eight typical avant-garde compositions based on rhytmic investigations. The second revolves around tonality and is a clear antecedent of the ideas that would be later developed by Ornette Coleman, who carried them to their ultimate conclusion. With regard to the third session, the very essence of Giuffre is reflected in the soundtrack music he composed for a film which signified Hollywood's opening up to the problem of rebellious youth, for which jazz was its exclusive musical accompaniment: The Wild One starring Marlon Brando.


To be continued...

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