Lorry RAINE 1957


Lorry Raine may not be one of the biggest names on the LA scene of the 50s, but she's working here with top-shelf backings from arrangers Nelson Riddle and Russ Garcia ! The album's a bit jazz, but also a bit more of a fuller vocal affair -similar to the sort you might find on Capitol from the time, with orchestrations that nicely support the singer throughout. Lorry's got an evocative vocal approach that sounds as if it might be at home on the silver screen -a mode that paints little pictures in sound with the tunes, and really adds a lot on top of the already-great orchestrations- and the album's also noteworthy in that it features a fair bit of lesser-known tunes that keep it from being just another rehashed batch of standards. Titles include "Concrete & Steel", "Five AM", "Contentment", "Don't Touch Me", "Just To Be There", "Secret Love Affair", and "Enjoy What You're Doing".

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thomasm said...

I've Gotta Have Love is a perfect song to start an album with. This album was a wonderful surprise--it has many lesser known tunes that should be standards. There is a touch of Doris Day in her voice.