Let's go to Brazil ! Thanks to my friend Loronix, I can post for you some really great albums displaying the marvelous tenor sax sound of Moacyr SILVA. Most of the time the "true" jazz fan don't care of what happens in Brasil -dance music! I'm surely not one of them. We have so many examples of the Brasilian music married with jazz -Getz, Hawkins, Quebec just to name some tenor saxes that this music is our music.
What is different with the following albums, is that it is a Brasilian musician with a Brasilian band, playing Brasilian music! That's very different as you gonna hear it! Fantastic!!!
It is also sure that such a great player as Moacyr SILVA couldn't ignore the jazz tunes. That's why you'll find here two other exceptionals albums, one where Silva hides under the name of Bob Fleming, "Mr Sax" where he goes through standards. All the tunes you know plus ... the sun! the other one, "E tempo de bolero" has also very well known tunes but... I can't explain, you have to listen!!! He really sounds like the great ones of our collections.
I hope you'll all appreciate those albums, and that you'll continue to visit LORONIX where you can discover, with each hit, wonderful music.

I left the original Loronix notes with every album. Who can explain better?

For those who don't know yet Loronix, you'll find it here. Hit zecalouro , the parrot, nicely!!!

All the albums not belonging to my collection
will be framed in "light gray".


friday817 said...

Loronix is totally responsible for my addiction to Brazilian music and my discovery of Elizeth Cardoso and Maocyr Silva. Zecalouro is incapable of selecting bad music. For a real treat visit Loronix and download Moacyr Silva's two LPs with Elizeth Cardoso.


mojo said...

Check this LP with Zoot Sims as a sideman playing Bossa. Great...