STITT Sonny 1979 - Brazil

To complete our Brasilian serie, here is the last of the Loronix gift. A very rare one with someone we know very well, Sonny STITT, who recorded hundreds (I'm sure the "s" is right) of albums, and of whom we always discover a new one. I'd never heard of this one before Loronix posted it. Enjoy !

There is something interesting about Zimbo Trio, they have recorded more than 40 albums on their long career, always playing Brazilian music exclusively. The only exception to this, is this record with the American Jazz musician Sonny Stitt, recorded in Brazil when Zimbo Trio was backing Sonny Stitt on a South America tour.
Sonny Stitt in Brazil with the Zimbo Trio LP was for years a collectors item, since it was released only in Brazil. A CD reissue was released several years ago on CD, going out of print.

Sonny STITT in Brasil 1979

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