Jerri WINTERS 1957

Here are the only two albums I know from Jerri Winter. "Winters Again" in 1962, Charlie Parker Records and "Somebody Loves Me" in 1957, Bethlehem Records. I think that they are the only two she recorded... Today, I post her first recording session which is much more interesting to me. I like her smoky voice...


Jerri WINTERS 1957 Somebody loves me

Al Belletto Sextet: Al BELLETTO as, cl, vcl, Fred CRANE p, bs, vcl, Jimmy QUINN tb, vcl, Willis THOMAS tp, vcl, Kenny O'BRIEN / Ray BROWN b, Tom MONTGOMERY / Louis MARINO dr,

"What is what sets Jerri Winters apart from so many other young singers who never quite make the musical grade?..." That's the beginning of the liner notes and you can guess how it goes... with, as usual, no information!
The only one they give is that the entire album was recorded at Universal studios in Chicago with Bill Putnam personnaly handling the controls. He has produce a frame of sound beauty fot the piece de resistance, Miss Jerri Winters (sic!).

That's it my friends! You to judge now!

I've no more to say, the back side of the other album has even no liner notes, just the tracks and the band!


kiken said...

I enjoy her 'funny, deep' voice and would love to listen to her recordings. "Winter's Here" is the another one she recorded, but you did not mention.

JUST ME said...

IT IS TRUE KIKEN. I DIDN'T MENTION IT BECAUSE I DIDN'T KNEW IT. NOW I FOUND IT. IT IS A FRATERNITY RECORDS ALBUM: F-1001. "WINTER'S HERE". Rec in November 1955. Like Someone In Love/Don't Take Your Meanness Out On Me/Oh You Crazy Moon/In Love In Vain/Blah Blah Blah/The World Is Your Balloon/This Time The Dream's On Me/The Thrill Is Gone/Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most/Along With Me/Here I Am In Love Again/I Could Write A Book. IF SOMEONE HAS IT, I'M INTERESTED. THANK YOU KIKEN. BEST. DANIEL

moxnix said...

like a deep well, you keep pulling out all of these great lp's to share with us. enjoyed this one and am looking forward to any other releases from her.

KenPaul66 said...

I loved this album,Daniel.I found it very bright & cheerful. Can't wait to see what's next ! Thanks again.


Anonymous said...

miss winters was one of the coolest sounding jazz singers like anita o'day, june christy and chris connor. winters has a similar sound of sarah vaughn and o'day. she started as a band singer for stan kenton and later released three solo albums. i wonder why she didn't do more albums. she's one of my favorites.