With this one, I thing that it is complete... till now !
Please check once more and tell me.

This last CD is a 2005 issue of a concert held at Montpelier Cultural Center, Maryland.
2005 JazzMont

1998 Savoy Jazz

1994 Hildner prod.

1980 "Live at Maryland Inn"

1973 BASF

1973 RCA

1965 RCA

1964 RCA

1964 RCA

1963 RCA

1958 Capitol

1957 Capitol

The debut 1956 Jubilee "Lullaby" and a second edition also Jubilee "Lullabies"...
The girl doesn't look much like Ethel ! Marketing...

Two other cover arts from "Lullaby" with the same tracks list. Creativity !!!

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