Louis Musical Autobiography (French release)

Here are the pics (hand made!) of my French Brunswick 4LP's Box. The four b&w pics are from Jean Pierre Leloir. The box remains the Decca... I didn't made any correction. The prints are slightly blue. If you need better prints, I can have them scanned on a 1/1 scan . The booklet is also the same as the Decca. Text in English. Only the back of the lp's have the original text in English and a French translation in smaller font. Box and booklet printed in the US. Only the lp covers made in France. LP Numbers 87010, 87011, 87012 and 87013. The box number is 87010/13 (limited edition?). The US release is 1957 but there is absolutely no indication about the French one. I questioned Leloir many years ago and he still couldn't remember because the pics where note made specially for the box. He had them already taken before... Should be no later as 58. Surely before 1960 ! To follow... Cheers.

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