PEG LEG SAM 1970-72

Peg Leg Sam was a performer to be treasured, a member of what may have been the last authentic traveling medicine show, a harmonica virtuoso, and an extraordinary entertainer. Born Arthur Jackson, he acquired his nickname after a hoboing accident in 1930. His medicine show career began in 1938, and his repertoire -- finally recorded only in the early '70s -- reflected the rustic nature of the traveling show. "Peg" delivered comedy routines, bawdy toasts, and monologs; performed tricks with his harps (often playing two at once); and served up some juicy Piedmont blues (sometimes with a guitar accompanist, but most often by himself). Peg Leg Sam gave his last medicine-show performance in 1972 in North Carolina and was still in fine fettle when he started making the rounds of folk and blues festivals in his last years.

Trix Records is a record label set up in 1973 by Peter B. Lowry (f/k/a Pete Lowry). It lasted about a decade as an active label.
Its roster included blues artists such as Eddie Kirkland, Peg Leg Sam, Frank Edwards, Henry Johnson, Willie Trice, Guitar Shorty, Robert Jr. Lockwood, Pernell Charity, Tarheel Slim, Roy Dunn, Homesick James, Big Chief Ellis, and 'Honeyboy' Edwards, John Cephas, Baby Tate, George Higgs, Boogie Woogie Red, Chuck Smith, Emmett Lee Brooks, Carben Givens, Little Dickie Rogers, Charlie Price, James Barnes, Cecil Barfield (a/k/a William Robertson), Harmonica Sammy Davis (a/k/a Little Sam Davis), Dan Del Santo, Maurice Reedus-el, a.o.

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