HUNTER Lurlean 1956

Born 1928 in Clarksdale, Mississipi, Lurlean Hunter has always lived and worked in Chicago.

Hunter is known around the R & B clubs in Chicago, appearing as a performer in many of them. In September of 1950, Chicago record seller Seymour Schwartz starts his own label Seymour Records and signs Lurlean to the label. Lurlean appears at club dates with the John Young Trio and is held over at The Apex in Chicago. When nothing happens with Seymour, Lurlean records for the Discovery label. "My Home Town Chicago" and "I Get A Warm Feeling" are released on #533, which also features the John Hunter Orchestra. After some time away from performing following her marriage, Lurlean Hunter is back doing club work in Chicago. In mid may of 1954 she is held over for two more weeks at Chicago's Black Orchid Club.

In the best Clubs of the area, she charmed her audiences with a style that communicates good taste, sensivity and a full, rich timbre. The Night Life Lp was recorded in 1956 with a great band: Al Cohn, Joe Newman, Barry Galbraight and Hank Jones. It'all said !

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