JONES Salena 1994 - Brazil

As well as supervising the recording sessions, the 'Maestro' appears in two duets with Salena on the beautiful interpretation of 'I was just one more for you' and , inevitably, 'Girl/Boy from Ipanema'. This album is made notable by the fact that Antonio Carlos Jobim's son, Paulo, and his grandson, Daniel, are also on the album. Paulo Jobim plays the guitar and flute. He also vocally accompanies Salena on three tracks, including the lovely introduction into 'Dindi'. Daniel Jobim shows himself to be an extremely talented pianist in his playing on the album. Salena Jones believes that he is destined for stardom in his own right.
The recordings were made in Rio de Janeiro in 1994 and were amongst the last done by Jobim before his untimely death in December of that year.

Salena JONES Sings Jobim with the JOBIM's

To be continued...

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