PASSOS Rosa 2003 - Brazil

This album is a collection of eleven Brazilian classics in Passos' inimitable voice and style. Produced by Cliff Korman and David Chesky, Entre Amigos also features Lula Galvão (guitar), Paulo Braga (percussion) and Billy Drewes (tenor sax and clarinet). This Passos/Carter combination sounds like a match made in heaven. Her intimate voice coupled with Carter's rich bass creates a beautiful combination to please die-hard Passos fan and, most certainly, the new fans she'll gain with this album.
The opening track "Bahia com H" might take you back to João Gilberto's 1981 Brasil album - Passos does not hide her passion for him - but Passos arrangement picks up the tempo just a tad faster to catapult Entre Amigos to new heights right from the start. Carter's bass accompaniment envelopes Passos voice and seems to play along with such ease that the listener will likely feel drawn to the charms of these two remarkable performers. And the magic in the first track is not short-lived. Over and over, these two artists spare no surprises. Carter's solo in "Insensatez," for example, is just as moving as Passos' soft spoken voice. Not detracting for the overall atmosphere of the album and at the same time adding a new dimension to it, Drewes' sax and clarinet solos are gorgeous. In "Desafinado," his solos are sometimes mirrored in Passos' voice. She sings some lines in staccato fashion, imitating Drewes precise notes. He also shines in "Eu Sei que Vou Te Amar" with an unusual and mesmerizing introduction.
The friendship shared in Entre Amigos is clearly shown in each track. The album is charming and endearing with each musician's participation carefully balanced. Passos is one of the few singers I know who is capable of recording a well-known song such as "Garota de Ipanema" and make you want to hear it again. Entre Amigos will have that effect on you, too.

Rosa PASSOS & Ron CARTER 2003

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