SILVA Moacyr 1960 - Brazil

I'm having a great pleasure to make this post and I hope you have the same pleasure listening to this wonderful LP. I have been checking with the fans of Moacyr Silva about the availability of this album, I'm sure it is a very hard to find piece. This is the start of a series of five albums titled "Sax Sensacional" for Copacabana. I'm coming from a phone call with Caetano Rodrigues this first Sax Sensacional LP is a missing piece on his great collection. No more, Caetano, as soon as we finish this post, this record is yours, as my little contribution to your collection and all the effort you put daily at Loronix, supporting zecalouro and all our friends with those wonderful LPs and information you exchange with everybody. I hope you be pleased with this nice Moacyr Silva.
This is Moacyr Silva e Seu Conjunto - Sax Sensacional (1960), for Copacabana, the first of a series of five classic albums from this great Brazilian musician, featuring - according with Caetano - the best formation of Moacyr Silva Conjunto, which is Moacyr Silva (sax), Chaim Lewak (piano), Luis Marinho (bass), Paulinho (drums) with Rubens and Geraldo (percussion). This quartet (Moacyr Silva, Chaim Lewak, Luis Marinho and Paulinho) is truly great, special attention to Chaim Lewak piano on this album, always nice.

Moacyr SILVA 1960 Sax Sensational 1

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